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Category : Sensors
Sub Category : IR Sensor 38khz
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350 -00/-
Model : Sen00112
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Product Type : GL™ Product
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Basic Idea is to send infrared light through IR LEDs which is then reflected by any object in front of sensor. One of the biggest problems that can cause the malfunctioning of an IR proximity sensor, is the ambient light and surrounding sources of IR like the sun and halogen lamps that can cause false triggering of the sensor due to emission of infrared light. To avoid getting false detection the solution is to send pulses of IR light at a certain frequency instead of a constant beam, and build a receiver that would only detect IR pulses of the same exact frequency, cutting of all pulses of higher or lower frequency. The kind of device capable of filtering signals this way is called a band pass filter.
The Infrared Emitter is based on the infrared emission infrared emission control module 940, the infrared signal emitted by the transmitter tube 940nm wavelength, the signal can be acquired infrared receiver module is a few meters away and demodulation, encoding and decoding process can be achieved with the remote control function. The Infrared Receiver is based on HL-A838 integrated infrared receiver modules, IR transmitter module can receive incoming 38KHz modulated infrared signal, and demodulated into logic level, When it receives the modulated infrared signal then output low level, otherwise output high level. IR remote control can be completed by using application of code.

Level control interface, power supply for 5V or 3.3V; 
High drive currents needed to pull small;
In accordance with the direction of the tube can be launched manually adjust the actual application requirements; 
4 M2 screws positioning holes for easy installation.

low-power, wide-angle and long distance reception; 
Supply voltage can be 3.3V~5.5V; 
Output matching TTL, CMOS level; 
4 M2 screws positioning holes for easy installation.
Dimensions :1.5 in x 0.98 in x 0.31 in (3.8 cm x 2.5 cm x 0.8 cm).




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