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Category : Sensors
Sub Category : Biomedical Sensors
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10800 -00/-
Model : Sen00089
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Product Type : 3rd Party Product
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World's smallest wearable bio-sensors and weighs just 3 g.Affordable, ultra small, ultra low-power, bio-signal acquisition suite, at any place, any time, multiple body parts collected physiological signals. Explore kits can be connected up to four sensors.Our suite can detect biological signals:Brain wave signals (in-line relaxation algorithm),ECG,Muscle power,Posture or movement signals.Sensor For measuring ECG / EEG, ECG, EMG signals interception movement and posture activities, and electromagnetic environmental pollution (EMP).
the sensor and controller battery can recharge in about 40 minutes, and fully charged in about 90 minutes (if fully discharged). If you intend to record signals for a long time (up to 11+ hours), we recommend keep the batteries fully charged and ready to use. Note 1: please very low leakage current in shutdown mode were stored (not plugged in the other State) controller and sensors. OPI console program, first on the right side of the long "dark power" button, close the transducer (sensor will not work), and immediately remove the sensor, and then click on the square "dark power" button to turn off the controller (the controller will not work), and remove the controller. Note 2: in shutdown mode, the sensor will not detect, click the release "off" and wait for the sensor to wake up, be detected, then you can match or change settings.

Type: Biosensor
Brand Name: Sichiray
Material: Polymer
Usage: Position Sensor
Theory: Current Sensor
Output: Digital Sensor

After mounting the sensor (S), when the physiological signal recording offline 11+ hours
There will be no high-quality data transmission via RF dropout phenomenon
Offline data can be uploaded to a computer via a controller (C)
0.150kg (0.33lb.)
10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)







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