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Category : Sensors
Sub Category : Temperature Control Relay Sensor
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Model : Sen00115
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Temperature sensors are vital to a variety of everyday products. For example, household ovens, refrigerators, and thermostats all rely on temperature maintenance and control in order to function properly. Temperature control also has applications in chemical engineering. Examples of this include maintaining the temperature of a chemical reactor at the ideal set-point, monitoring the temperature of a possible runaway reaction to ensure the safety of employees, and maintaining the temperature of streams released to the environment to minimize harmful environmental impact.
1, a thermistor module is most sensitive to the ambient temperature, the generally used to detect the temperature of the surrounding environment, change the waterproof type thermal sensors can detect the water temperature.
2, module in ambient temperature more than set threshold, relay, absorption and often start through public end, and when the environment temperature is lower than the setting threshold, relay disconnect, public end with normally closed end connected;
3, the public side, normally open, normally closed three ports is equivalent to a double switch, relay coil there is electricity, and often start conducting public end, without electricity, public end with normally closed end conduction


The power supply voltage: 5V DC
Current: greater than 150 mA
Load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A DC
automatic control temperature, lower than the temperature start, or higher than the temperature start, choose on the output side is higher than the set temperature activated for normally open, pick up normally closed is lower than the set temperature start.
the comparator output direct drive relay, can connect AC 220V or other equipment;
with potentiometer to adjust temperature;
can hold row needles, sensor interface, add thermal sensor lead;
Appearance size: 50 x26mm, 19 mm thick, with four fixed bolt hole 3 mm, convenient

Steel industry Monitor temperature and chemistry throughout the steel making process
Heating appliance safety
Thermocouples in fail-safe mode are used in ovens and water heaters to detect if pilot flame is burning to prevent fire and health hazard
Used for testing prototype electrical and mechanical apparatus
Process plants
To detect room temperature
It can be used in robotics



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