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S2E module accelerates the product development by providing ready-to-run hardware and comprehensive documentation. The compact design is based on the TEXAS microcontroller, a highly integrated ARM® CortexTM –M3 microcontroller with integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY, 50-MHz performance, and ample single cycle on chip Flash and SRAM memory for efficient network traffic handling. The S2E module includes one 10/100 Ethernet port, two serial ports and 10-bit,3-channel ADC with flexibility that includes both RS-232 and CMOS/TTL level signaling, flow control, and hardware support for both synchronous and asynchronous serial communication. The most common application for the S2E module is for augmenting legacy products that contain a serial port for a configuration or control interface. Simply installing a S2E module into the legacy serial device provides instant networking capability with no major board redesign or software changes, a tiny form-factor for unobtrusive implementation, and cable lengths much longer than what is available for simple serial connections.


  • The life time of expensive serial based equipment can be extended.
  • Enable legacy serial based hardware to take advantage of Ethernet.
  • The range of controlling sensors and devices is increased.
  • It will allow low cost remote maintenance, reducing system downtime and labor cost.
  • Any Baud Rate: Serial to Ethernet device servers now supports any data rate upto1Mbps, which is useful for specialist devices.

  • Remote environmental condition monitoring.
  • Entrance Control – RFID cards with serial connectivity.
  • Monitoring and control of the power distribution grids.


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