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Category : Wireless
Sub Category : GPS Module
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950 -00/-
Model : Wir00001
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Product Type : 3rd Party Product
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 The GPS QUESTAR TTL is a compact all-in-one GPS module solution intended for a broad range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, where fast and easy system integration and minimal development risk is required. The receiver continuously tracks all satellites in view and provides accurate satellite positioning data. The GPS QUESTAR TTL is optimized for applications requiring good performance, low cost, and maximum flexibility; suitable for a wide range of OEM configurations, including Handhelds, sensors, asset tracking, PDA-centric personal navigation system, and vehicle navigation products. Its 56 parallel channels and 4100 search bins provide fast satellite signal acquisition and short startup time. Acquisition sensitivity of –140dBm and tracking sensitivity of –162dBm offers good navigation performance even in urban canyons having limited sky view. Satellite-based augmentation systems, such as WAAS and EGNOS, are supported to yield improved accuracy. USB-level serial interface is provided on the interface connector. Supply voltage of 3.8V~5.0V is supported.

Based on u-Blox chip : UBX-G6010-ST
C / A code 1.023MHz code stream
Receive bands : L1 [1575.42 MHz]
Tracking channels : 50
Positioning, performance
o 2D plane : 5m [average]
o 2D plane : 3.5m [average], DGPS auxiliary.
Drift : <0.02m / s
Timing accuracy : 1us
Reference coordinate system: WGS-84
Maximum Altitude :18,000 m
Maximum speed : 500 m / s
Acceleration : <4g
Electrical properties:





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