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Category : Tools
Sub Category : Microscope
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Model : Mis00003
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A Portable mini USB microscope is a low-powered digital microscope which connects to a computer, normally via a USB port. They are widely available at low cost commercially. In essence USB microscopes are a webcam with a high-powered macro lens and generally do not use transmitted light, but rely on incident light from in-built LEDs lights situated next to the lens. The light reflected from the sample then enters the camera lens. Often however, the camera is sensitive enough not to need additional lighting. As the camera attaches directly to the USB port of a computer, eyepieces are not required and the images are shown directly on the monitor. They offer modest magnifications (up to about 200×) without the need to use eyepieces at very low cost, compared with conventional stereomicroscopes 

Portable and mini pen size, easy to carry and handle.
Magnification adjustable from 1/20-150X magnification.
2 mega pixels high definition.
Manual focusing.
Extremely long time (11 hours) video recording up to 3.6G.
Supports photo taking.
Can work by connected to a PC through the USB cable.
Can show, play, replay, edit, and store picture and video information through PC.
Adjustable LED illumination.
A metal mini tripod provided, to support working of the USB microscope.
Works as a microscope, endoscope, otoscope....
Multifunctional: to take pictures and record videos and check status of banknote, coin, antique, jewelry, textile, ear canal, eardrum, oral cavity, household machine such as computer, TV, etc. and factory machine.
Just plug and play, easy operation.




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