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Category : Robotics
Sub Category : Double Foot Robot
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Model : Rob00022
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Product Type : GL™ Product
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  Double Foot Robot is a type of robot which has two foot and it can walk like human beings. Both the legs of this robot contain servo motor, each leg contain three servo motor using which the robot can move very easily. This robot moves delicately over uneven surfaces, carefully picking its way across debris, chemicals or other locations where a human or a normal robot could not safely tread. The stepper motor is used to control the movement of robot 
The double foot robot is a simple legged robot. It has 2 legs  and they are placed in such a way that it can be made to move forward, backward, right or left. Servomotor is used to control the movement of the robot. With the use of this motor we can make the robot to move in any direction.Conventional mobile robots are wheeled vehicles that require a sufficiently flat terrain in order to perform their tasks. However, many robotic tasks are more suited for legged robots that interact with the environment in order to achieve stable locomotion. For example, surveillance of collapsed structures for survivors, inspection and testing of complex pipe systems, and maintenance of hazardous structures such as nuclear reactors, all require motion in congested, unstructured, and complex environments. This is a double foot race walking robot steering gear support part, does not contain steering gear control and steering gear department, very suitable for double foot race.

Easy to Use. 
It can move over uneven surfaces 
2 legged robot 
Servo motor is used to control the movement of robot 
Mechanical structure is simple 
U-shaped beam 1pcs


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