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Category : Consumer Electronics
Sub Category : Thermal Printer Support RS232
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2250 -00/-
Model : Mis00047
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6 - 10 2205 /- each 2% Off
11 - 100 2137.5 /- each 5% Off
101 - 500 2025 /- each 10% Off
500+ 1800 /- each 20% Off
Product Type : GL™ Product
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Warranty : No Warranty
Minimum Order : 1
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Product Details
The thermal printer is a High speed printer as it can print at 58mm/s (384 dot lines/s) maximum by using Fujitsu Components and unique head drive control. It is Compact and lightweight. This printer has a low profile of only 20 mm, and a light weight of approximately 80 g. It consumes very less power. Add a mini printer to any microcontroller project with this thermal printer. Thermal printers are also known as receipt printers, they are what you get when you go to the grocery store or ATM. Now you can integrate some of the printer of your own in an enclosure. This printer is ideal for interfacing with a microcontroller, you simply need May 1 V-9 V / 12 V TTL / USB / RS232 output from your microcontroller to print text, bar codes, Bitmap graphics, Even a QR code!.It has an easy head access and an easy head cleaning and replacement. It has a Paper auto loading function. This printer is compact and lightweight, and the design allows easy head maintenance, head cleaning and head replacement. This printer is suitable for a variety of applications, such as hand held terminals, POS terminals, ticket machines, coupon machines, label printers, etc.

Easy paper loading
Low noise thermal printing
Various optional interfaces
Easily integrated with all kinds of instruments and meters
Control panel with two push button and LED
Easy to use.
High Speed.
Less Power Consumption.



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