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Category : Consumer Electronics
Sub Category : Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Unit Price :
8000 -00/-
Model : Con00007
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Quantity Price Discount
6 - 10 7840 /- each 2% Off
11 - 100 7600 /- each 5% Off
101 - 500 7200 /- each 10% Off
500+ 6400 /- each 20% Off
Product Type : 3rd Party Product
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Warranty : 12 Months
Minimum Order : 1
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A robot vacuum cleaner will vacuum your hard floors and carpets and keep the dirt in a bin to be emptied later.  This amazing device moves smartly and intelligently through your living  space, it can detect the dirt area and increase the suction power to the related area, leaving behind a trail of cleanliness, and the new mop module (with removable pads) easily eliminates dirty spots. Easy Operation Design Wet and Dry Auto Vacuum Cleaner, Competitive Price Vacuum Cleaner with Large Dustbin and MOP function, Rechargeable function & Virtual wall.


  • Robotic Charging
  • Robotic Scheduling
  • Robotic Obstacle Detection
  • Robotic Stair Detection
  • Automatic Dirt Detection
  • Intelligent scan system
  • Disposable bag 
  • Mopping
  • Multi- modes for cleaning


  • Auto cleaning and Auto-charging
  • Charging time can be set
  • With stair avoidance sensors 
  • With non marring bumper
  • With touch-sensitive sensor
  • With Virtual Wall
  • With wireless emote controller
  • With mop that cleaning the floor
  • With UV lamp to kill the bacteria on the floor
  • Low noise only about 60db


  • Robotic Obstacle Detection
  • Robotic Stair Detection
  • Automatic Dirt Detection
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Schedule
  • Virtual wall induction
  • Changeable operating speed

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