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Category : Consumer Electronics
Sub Category : Wireless Energy Meter MIEO
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5800 -00/-
Model : Con00028
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Product Type : GL™ Product
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Device is used for wireless measurement of power consumption. Monitor displays information not only about the current consumption and costs but also records the data in memory for a general overview.
Flowmeters MIEO clearly shows the power consumption and total cost of electricity not only at home. Monitoring consumption is performed by current sensor connected to the transmitter (433 MHz), which transmits information about current to a receiver. Break of wiring is not required, since the measurement is carried by a current transformer. 
You can connect up to 3 sensors on one transmitter. 
Design a nicely prepared receiver displays except consumption as the current temperature, date and time. 

Current consumption in kWh
Immediate cost and accumulated costs (you can set your tariff)
Equivalent value of CO2 in kg (Rather interesting, since it depends on the type of plant where the energy was produced)
Consumption statistics
Switching between the total cost, always the last 6 hours, days, weeks, months or years
Can set 4 different tariffs and times when it is applied tariff (low/high tariff).
Alarm when exceeding a certain value
Set different voltage measuring circuit
Backlit 3.5"LCD display
Suitable for voltage 100-250 V





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