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Category : Interface Board
Sub Category : Buzzer
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120 -00/-
Model : Mis00024
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6 - 10 117.6 /- each 2% Off
11 - 100 114 /- each 5% Off
101 - 500 108 /- each 10% Off
500+ 96 /- each 20% Off
Product Type : GL™ Product
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Warranty : No Warranty
Minimum Order : 1
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A buzzer is an electrical device that makes a buzzing noise and is used for .The buzzer has a resonant frequency that will produce the loudest sound and any other frequency will produce a lower SPL. The last piece of information is the input drive voltage. A higher input voltage will produce a louder sound up to the point at which the material breaks down. Their reliability extends from the fact that they are solid state construction so they have very few moving parts. These devices can produce either a single or multi-frequency output depending upon operating requirements. The tone is distinct due to the absence of harmonics, and gives an extremely clear, penetrating sound. Their high acoustic output versus low input power requirements make them ideal for a wide variety of applications, especially products powered by battery. They are used as indicators or alarms that call a person’s attention to the product. These buzzers and speakers are used in products such as phones, pagers, smoke detectors, and appliances like microwaves.
 Buzzer can make continuous voice when directly connected to the active rated supply, while passive buzzer just like electromagnetic speaker, only could make voice when connected to the audio output circuit( or by providing PWM using any microcontroller ).

Operating voltage: 5V DC
These high reliability buzzers are applicable to automobile equipment.
Compact, pin terminal type with 2048Hz output.
Pin type terminal construction enables direct mounting onto printed circuit boards

Wide operating voltage: 3~12V
Lower current consumption.
Higher sound pressure level.

Fire alarms
Clocks, travel watches, keyboards, toys, various alarms of automobile equipment




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