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Category : Interface Board
Sub Category : Solenoid
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Model : Int00064
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Solenoids are electromagnetically driven actuators. Linear solenoids basically consists of an electrical coil wound around a cylindrical tube with a ferro-magnetic actuator or “plunger” that is free to move or slide “IN” and “OUT” of the coils body. When voltage is applied to the solenoid coil the electromagnetic force pulls the center plunger in. It is an excellent mechanical solution for all kinds of DIY projects requiring short quick linear actuation.

Solenoids can be interfaced to any controller with the help of a relay board. Solenoid is an electrically operated device which creates a linear motion when a high signal is received by it. These are most often found in latching and trigger-like mechanisms, such as door locking systems, paintball guns, pinball machines, dot matrix printers, and fuel injectors. Solenoids can be used to electrically open doors and latches, open or close valves, move and operate robotic limbs and mechanisms, and even actuate electrical switches just by energising its coil.

Pin Configuration:


  •          Wide range of coil voltages
  •          Wide range of connectors and electrical connection options
  •          Easy replacement of coil solenoids
  •          The coils can be rotated and the required connector direction can be adjusted
  •          High resistance of coils against mechanical damage


  •          Reduced power consumption.
  •          Better power efficiency.
  •          Easy to interface with any controller
  •          Prolonged service life.


  •          Door locking systems.
  •          Computer printers, fuel injection gear used on cars.
  •        Industrial equipment.


Device Image:


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