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Category : Programmer
Sub Category : Xilinx FPGA/CPLD downloader
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2500 -00/-
Model : Pro00016
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6 - 10 2450 /- each 2% Off
11 - 100 2375 /- each 5% Off
101 - 500 2250 /- each 10% Off
500+ 2000 /- each 20% Off
Product Type : GL™ Product
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This product uses three dedicated ESD / TVS protection chip SRV05-4, including one to protect the USB interface, two 14-pin connector port protection, and also a certain degree of protection from electrostatic damage completely reliable protection download cable the contrast connected to the motherboard USB port and expensive target board FPGA chip. Products for sale a three-year sales at home and abroad, and no case of electrostatic damage IO feedback, which is the highest recognition of the care and thought to the design and at the cost of implementation. Emphasis on winter fingertips a little discharge, causing huge losses to download line with a perfect interface protection.This product uses a consistent and official CY7C68013A + XC2C256 program, but only this compatible program supports firmware upgrade!The downloader used XC2C256 new COOL RUNNER Series XILINX CPLD, is the most expensive component of the entire download is deciding whether or not to support the upgrade of intuitive judgment. The so-called upgrade is the IMPACT software by CY7C68013 this XC2C256 refresh logic configuration JTAG speed depending on the device to optimize reserved for new features in the future software versions. And unused XC2C256 does not support runtime reconfiguration compatibility and support future versions may give up the speed. verf level range of 1.2 ~ 5.5V, and official used 4 SN74LV2G125 do interface buffer isolation chip SRV05-4 array protection tube to protect the external IO.

Using CY7C68013A+XC2C256 solution, fully compatible with the original XILINX Platform Cable USB 
Supports all Xilinx devices,FPGA/CPLD/3D IC/Soc/PROM :
XC6SLX9 XC3S500E XC9572XL XC2C64A  
SPARTAN Atrix Kintex Virtex FPGA,XA9500XL XACoolRunner™-II CPLD
Supports JTAG, Slave-Serial and SPI 
Interfaces to devices operating at 5V (TTL), 3.3V (LVCMOS), 2.5V,1.8V and 1.5V 
Selectable target clock frequency, supports software automatic frequency adjustment. 



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